2 For The Show

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 9/5/2012 to Spotlight Story Archives
By Stuff for Greeks

The Dream

We hear stories every day about people being on line and dreaming about finishing their process and designing their Greek fraternity or Sorority gear. Many of us on the staff here at S4G have shared similar stories. Most of us have gone on Greek apparel websites and gotten quotes for Greek apparel or designs when we should’ve been doing something else, (like studying). Devonte, recently shared with us his story about his journey into the land of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated. Like to hear it? Here it is. . .


The Design

Devonte started off by saying,"As soon as I crossed the burning sands of PBS (Phi Beta Sigma) I knew I had to purchase the mecca of Greek paraphernalia, which is a line jacket.” Does this sound familiar? Many of us designed other Greek clothing, and had other things on our wish lists for when we crossed into our organizations. There’s just something about having a line jacket that just makes our presence as a member of a Greek organization official.

Devonte continues by saying, “I also knew that if I was going to get it, it had to be perfect so I came to stuff4greeks because of their well known reputation of being great with detail.”


The Delivery

When we asked him how he came up with his unique artwork, Devonte told us his idea “originally came from a drawing a prophyte did for the banner to invite everyone to our probate. All I told s4g is to give the middle person dreads and put a light on the second figure, which signified "The Show" in 2 For The Show.” It didn’t take long for our artists to take his design and run with it. There weren’t too many changes requested as he approved shortly after the first proof was sent. He finished by saying, “I got chills when I first received my proof and the anticipation was building. I premiered my line jacket at a probate and everyone instantly fell in love with my jacket. Thank You S4G!" It was our pleasure, Devonte. We wish we could’ve been there to witness the excitement when he first premiered his custom Greek jacket. You can start your own story by clicking here to create your line jacket.

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