A Jacket Fit for a King

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 1/5/2011 to Spotlight Story Archives
By Stuff for Greeks

The Dream

Charles ordered his jacket from stuff4GREEKS looking to reflect the personal pride he has in his undergraduate chapter, Omicron Tau. As a past President and Vice President of the chapter he knows all too well the positive and negative attributes of Greek life and feels that despite it all Omicron Tau still runs the yard at his alma mater, UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio).

Charles says: "If you ask ANYBODY right now who runs the yard at UTSA they will say the Omicron Tau chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. That was my inspiration for trying to come up with the design for the jacket. It wasn't to start any unnecessary drama. It was to remind people that at the end of the day we always run the campus so just surround the Kings and watch us work. I also wanted to make this jacket in remembrance of the man who started our chapter and passed away almost three years ago. Jabriel Jones showed us what it means to be a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and always reminded us that ACHIEVEMENT is the purpose of our fraternity."

The Design

Charles' initial image was created by The Frat Boyz artist Mazin Saddiq. However, Charles wanted to add several other design elements to make sure that the Kappa King of Omicron Tau looked official in his reign. At Charles' request, the stuff4GREEKS design team added other rival fraternities and the sororities of the Divine 9 around his throne to make the image of worship look complete.

We asked Charles why he chose stuff4GREEKS and he told us:

"I ordered two jackets from S4G in the past and you have NEVER disappointed me. I wanted to make a customized jacket this time since my first two were based off of designs that were already on your website and to see if I could go above and beyond my own expectations, and as usual you amazed me once again."


The Delivery

Though it may not have been Charles' intention to start any drama, his jacket is definitely a conversation piece! He will definitely be making a bold statement and we at stuff4GREEKS are happy that we could bring his vision to reality.

When we asked Charles what his friends and family members thought of the jacket he said:

"My friends, family members, coworkers and even people I don't know (greek and non-greek) have given me plenty of compliments on my jacket. Even members of the other fraternities and sororities represented on my jacket said they loved it, and every time somebody ask me who made my jackets and where they can get theirs made from I always recommend them to stuff4Greeks. Once again thank you for bringing my masterpiece to life."

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