AKA 15th Amendment Jackets

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 5/5/2012 to Spotlight Story Archives
By Stuff for Greeks

The Dream

We love it when people come visit our Greek retail store in Atlanta, Zeus’ Closet, from other places around the country. Aside from our normal flow of store traffic, we expect a lot of visitors during big events, like Atlanta Greek Picnic, or whenever there are probates or conventions in town. But it makes us feel extra nice when people make a special trip to visit us on a random Wednesday afternoon, like Crystal, an AKA from Alabama. Crystal did her research on our website and found out how to get to our location while she was in town. Initially she just wanted to check out our store and see what Greek gear we had in stock.

After looking around and speaking to one of our design service specialists, Crystal was convinced that she should get her custom Greek jacket finished with us. Her line was given basic line jackets when they first crossed, but Crystal wanted to make her jacket complete by adding her individual information to her sleeves and back. She could’ve gone to a local Greek clothing store in Alabama but she was determined to have us do the work on her jacket. We are truly honored. Within a couple days, she and one of her line sisters, Kelsey sent in their basic jackets for us to get started on.


The Design

We asked them how they came up with the idea for their jackets, Kelsey told us, “Me and my line sister came up with the idea of our line jackets. We worked really hard to make sure they were perfect. We wanted a lot of detail so we used an AKA scroll, an AKA lady that symbolized us, etc.” We think it was a good idea, since the collective line’s name is The 15th Amendment. After sending the initial proof, we received a call from another one of their line sisters who just HAD to have the jacket too. :-) These jackets are special because each of the line sisters decided on a different character for their artwork but the scrolls kept the jackets unified. Good idea, ladies.


The Delivery

When asked why they decided to work with us they said, “We used S4G to make our line jackets because we liked their previous work. We also liked the one on one customer service. They were very helpful and patient through our process of getting our jackets completed.” Honestly, they made it easy for us. They did their research and had a general idea for their Greek clothing. It was then on our artists and embroiderers to do what they do best. Apparently, people must think we did a pretty good job. According to Kelsey, “Every time I wear my jacket people love it. They give me tons of compliments and ask me who made my jacket.” To start your own story, click here, or come check us out the next time you are in Atlanta. Our Greek retail store is located at 1339 Marietta Blvd Suite B, Atlanta, Ga, 30318.

Click below to see a quick video about Crystal and Kelsey's line jacket design experience.



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