Chapter Fund Raisers

Posted by Tisean on 1/8/2013 to News
Let’s face it, we all need money to live the way we would like to. As individual citizens of this great country we have bills that we must pay. As students we have tuition that has to be paid for. As members of organizations we have to pay dues, and as chapters we have conventions and other events that that must be paid for as well. In the past, most of you have probably had bake sales, washed cars and thrown parties to raise funds for your chapters’ expenses. Well, we are here to suggest an easier, more modern way to raise money for your chapter – become a Stuff 4 Greeks Affiliate - sell our Greek gear on your facebook/twitter page or website. 

 We’ve been online selling Greek apparel for over a decade now and we have a great reputation. (People like us. . They really like us!) We’ve had lots of success over the years selling our products and we want to share our success with you. Here’s where you and your chapters come in - Simply copy and paste the code we supply into your website. When people click the links on your website and place orders with us, you will earn 7% to 14% of each sale. With an easy to use interface, you will get notification immediately once an order has been approved. 

 Set-up is FREE and we do all of the work! You don’t even have to fulfill any orders or deal with any customers, yet you will earn a percentage of every stuff4GREEKS sale that is generated through your website. That's free money! You might ask, ‘how will we keep up with the Greek gear sold on my website?’ The answer is simple, we will provide you with all the links you need to be able to track the sales you originate. We will keep track as well. Simply copy and paste the code we supply into your website. Its that easy! 

In 2013 most of your chapters probably have websites set up. Why not use your site to make some easy money? This can also save you and the members of your chapter a lot of time and money. You can be making money in your sleep by selling our Greek clothing instead of being up all night working parties, baking cookies, or getting ready for car washes. Sign up for our Affiliate Program today!