Cobra Amazon Woman - Mu Sigma Upsilon Line Jacket

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By Stuff for Greeks

The Dream

Some people get their custom Greek clothing made based  on just their general fraternity or sorority; other people get chapter-specific or line-specific artwork, and many others get designs made based on their individual line names. We take pride in not limiting our Greek gear to certain organizations. We make paraphernalia for all Greek letter organizations - White, Black, Asian, Latin, Multicultural, everyone. In fact, we service over 500 Greek-letter organizations. Victoria, a member of Mu Sigma Upsilon came to us knowing that. She also knew that our normal turnaround time is an estimated 30 business days and she needed her jacket a lot sooner, so she paid extra to have her jacket rushed. We created her custom artwork from her sketch and detailed description, designed her proof, embroidered her jacket, and delivered it across the country all within 1 week!  It was hard work, but we made it happen.


The Design

Victoria told us how she came up with the idea for her custom Greek jacket. She started by telling us, “I have a very unique line name and I knew I wanted to represent that in my jacket. I wanted something that showed my personality so I created the Amazon woman, which was modeled after me.”  She continued,  “Every aspect down to her Amethyst headstone piece, which was chosen due to it being my birthstone, was detailed. At this point, I knew I wanted the Cobra to be a “wow” factor so I decided that instead of her simply holding a cobra, I wanted a giant one to wrap around her, but in more of a protective way. Everything from the baby blue eyes to the fangs made the jacket that much more hard. As for the “Lucky Charm”, that was a personal aspect of my own line and our bond through our journey to become sisters of our organization, and it was another personal touch I wanted to add to my jacket.”

Victoria has several friends in various Greek-lettered organizations and they all recommended us for her Greek apparel.  (Thank you, Victoria’s friends!)  She said,  “After looking at their individual line jackets, I knew that the company provided quality service. I looked at various jackets they did on their website and that solidified my choice. I wanted to go all out on my line jacket and be very creative and after talking with their supportive and very helpful staff on several different occasions, I knew that they too understood my vision and I was excited that they were going to create an amazing work of art.”



The Delivery

The first person to see her jacket was Victoria’s mom, who was ecstatic!  Victoria said she even tried on the jacket to see how it looked on her. She said, “I then showed it to my line sisters while we were on our way to a probate and they thought it was absolutely amazing. I’m always being asked to take off my jacket so that they can see the details up close. Others are constantly telling me how creative it is and always ask me where I got it from, which I always say S4G. My jacket has provided very positive feedback and I’m extremely happy the message I was trying to convey through the jacket was being understood by others. Thanks S4G for making this possible!”  It was our pleasure! See some photos Victoria sent us below, then scroll down more to watch a 49-second video about the process.

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