Custom Greek Apparel for Your Kids

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 3/18/2013 to News

By Stuff for Greeks

Back in 2007, we launched a separate website to sell custom Greek Gear for those who haven’t quite crossed the burning sands yet. We offer everything from custom bibs, beanies, and t-shirts to rompers and creepers. Most items range in size from 6 months to a youth XL.  The brand is called FratBrat and apparently it was a great idea.

Since Greeks often attract other Greeks we came up with some combination pieces.  These have been some of our most popular items.  Designs like “A Product of Coleman Love” and the “Phirst Phamily Creation” are a couple of our top selling designs.   Of course nothing has been able to top the classic “Future” shirts.  They simply say FUTURE ______(whatever that particular organization identifies with: Alpha, Que, Delta, AKA, etc.).

Our retail Greek clothing store, Zeus’ Closet is the only store that carries FratBrat right now so if you are in the Atlanta area looking for some fresh Greek gear for yourself and your child to pick up, come check us out. Not only can you order some awesome pre-designed stuff for the little ones, we can customize stuff for them too!  A couple great reasons for custom FratBrat Greek gear are birthdays and picture day at school. Homecoming is a great time to dress your child in FratBrat gear too. You will probably be decked out in your Greek clothing at the game. Why not have the best dressed kid?   

Turnaround time for our FratBrat items is 5-10 business days.  We are aware of how quickly children grow so we don’t waste any time getting these items completed and shipped out to you.  You shouldn’t waste any time getting your children some of this gear.  Order soon, before they are too old to wear it!