Fall 2013 at S4G

Posted by Tisean on 9/30/2013 to News
By Stuff for Greeks
fall-coverFall 2013 at S4G Its that time again. Leaves are blowing, temperatures are dropping. Football is in the air. Neos are crossing, Alumni are planning trips back to their respective alma maters for homecoming. Lines are celebrating reunions. The fall is always an exciting time of year for us and our clients here at S4G. We can't quite put a finger on it, but there's something special about the fall this time around. 

fbjryMaybe its our steadily growing variety of custom Greek clothing and accessories that has us feeling great about transitioning into the new season. We've added Greek clothing to keep you in style whether you're planning to go to a football game, board meeting, class, or anywhere in between.  Last fall we created a breast cancer awareness shirt (that can be seen here) for people to wear to different events during breast cancer awareness month.  A portion of the proceeds from these shirts goes towards raising awareness.  Since last fall, we've added custom Greek football jerseys, customizable sports bracelets, and business packages among many other things. Continue checking out our site in the coming weeks and you are sure to find even more new items! The new items are great, but the great feeling around the office might also be due to the new additions to our all-star team. 

 Maybe its a combination of the two. In the recent months we've added some great members to help serve all of you with the best Greek gear in the industry. We've added some new members to our production department to keep our embroidery machines running and get all orders shipped out quickly.   There's also Britney, she began as a marketing intern. She has since grown into our manufacturer-relations specialist. In plain terms she orders the high quality garments that we embroider our custom artwork on. Britney's positions behind the scenes so you'll probably never meet her, but it is equally as important as any other position here at S4G. 

 We really appreciate their positive energy around the office as well as their contributions in the process of providing our custom Greek clothing and accessories. Of course a good explanation for our fantastic Fall so far could be the outstanding work our design, production, and shipping departments have been contributing lately. We've made moves and put systems into place that have enabled us to design, process, and complete orders at rates that we've never hit before. This has lead to very happy customers as of late. We plan on keeping up the good work so you can continue to keep the orders coming. Click here and let us blow your mind with your very own Greek apparel: