From Sketch to Line Jacket - Alpha Phi Alpha Frozen Sphinx

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 12/4/2011 to Spotlight Story Archives
By Stuff for Greeks
Alpha Phi Alpha Frozen Sphinx Line Jacket
Line Jacket Design for Alpha Phi Alpha  

The Dream

Dominique sent us this pencil sketch of a frozen Sphinx for his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha. We digitized it for embroidery and made custom line jackets for Dominique and his line brothers.

They even gave us a detailed chart explaining which colors they wanted in each place on the design. This was very helpful.

Dominique says, "When my line brothers and I decided to design a jacket we were determined to make one that would catch the eye as well as be meaningful to us. Several meetings were conducted to brainstorm ideas, sketch rough drafts, and decide on inclusions and placements of various elements on our jacket. Wearing a line jacket hand drawn by our Line Brother, Brandon Archer (who now lives overseas), that includes elements near and dear to our fraternity, chapter, and line makes our jacket unique. Although the designing process seemed tedious at times, in the end it definitely paid off. "



The Design

Our expert design team redrew the image from scratch and programmed the design so that our embroidery machines could sew it out to perfection. The digitizing process takes several hours, but we want to make sure that the design sews out perfect. The video below shows a snippet of the digitizing process, but keep in mind that the video is sped up about 1000x.

Dominique says, "We chose stuff4GREEKS because we saw the excellent work S4G made on our Prophyte’s jackets; additionally S4G seemed very professional, were willing to work with our swiftly approaching deadline, and prices were reasonable."


  Alpha Phi Alpha Line Jacket Design

The Delivery

Dominique says, "Our jackets are definitely eye catching. Anytime we make roadtrips to homecomings, probates, or step shows at other colleges and universities we are noticed once we walk in. On several occasions we have been asked who made our jackets, and to take pictures. In simple summation our jackets are impressive."

Check out the video:

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