Where to Find Greek Apparel for Your Sorority or Fraternity

Posted by Matt W on 2/28/2014 to Tips

As a former Greek (or alumni shall we say), I remember the days of having to pledge and dealing with pledges on a daily basis. The process seems overwhelming, especially with new limitations placed on many campuses with the “no hazing” policy. However, there are alternative methods to getting the interest of people to pledge to your fraternity, while still presenting the person with a challenge of loyalty and dedication to the brotherhood or sisterhood.

Tip: Purchase Greek Apparel

Greek apparel does more than just show pride in your sorority or fraternity. When you purchase Greek clothing, you need to keep yourself mindful of all possible ways of getting your current pledges (or upcoming pledges) to show their loyalty to the brotherhood or sisterhood.

Add creativity and never forget that your pledges want to show you their pride and will wear the apparel more than others. Avoid putting anything embarrassing on the shirts or pants so that your current pledges do not feel as though they must endure humiliation to be a part of Greekdom.

Many of my pledges were fond of the apparel. I chose shirts and pants where we could all differentiate the difference from current members, pledges and alumni. Each shirt – even to this day – has something different about it to give it an authenticity that cannot be replicated.

Expand Your Frat or Sorority

While expanding your current fraternity or sorority, keep in mind that the legacy at your school falls on your shoulders. Recruit people who you feel are genuinely interested in joining and can pass the initial evaluation period.

While I do not recommend hazing, if you do decide to do it – ensure no one is getting harmed in the process. You do not want to cause harm to a potential recruit, which could affect your eligibility to stay enrolled in the school and could expel you from the frat or Sorority as well.