Enhance Your Greek Life with Clothing Items

Posted by Matt W on 1/20/2014 to News

College is a time for many young adults to make mistakes and really find who they are in life. Making new friends, attending school classes and joining “Greek life” might be a possibility.

I remember college life all too well. While I stood as a 4.0 GPA student, I was more than just a person with a good GPA. I was involved with many of my University’s extracurricular activities including student government, ROTC and even a Phi Kappa Psi, a Greek fraternity. Many of my friend’s considered me to be a “jack-of-all-trades” with school.

However, the most beneficial part of school – other than education – was joining the Greek fraternity. During my time in the fraternity, I met hundreds of great people who wanted to become something more than a 9-to-5, Monday-Friday job. We all aspired to do better than the traditional person and we stood by it.

As part of a Greek brotherhood, I knew the importance of having apparel that represented the Greek life. I searched through hundreds of Greek gear databases, looking for Phi Kappa Psi only gear. S4G contains the Greek-only apparel that allow you to enrich your Greek life.

For many people it is difficult to understand the importance of Greek life and the impact it has on those who participate. However, for others like myself – who were a part of a “bigger” picture and joined a Greek fraternity or Sorority – we understand the full ramifications behind our decision to join Greek life. We are taught to set an example and strive for perfection for the remainder of our endeavors.

Use S4G or other online databases to give the experience of Greek life through apparel clothing. Allow each person to show their pride in their fraternity or sorority.