How We Made Time Stand Still for Brian

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 11/1/2011 to Spotlight Story Archives
By Stuff for Greeks

The Dream

Brian came to us frustrated because he and his line brothers originally ordered their anniversary Letterman jackets from a cheaper company. A year later, they never had their jackets and the vendor was giving them the runaround.

So Brian came to see us, and we were happy to help bring his vision to life. He emailed us some old photos of the Kappa Alpha Psi plot at NC A&T SU. Over the years, some things had changed on the plot, but we were able to recreate it in all of its glory.

Brian says: "Although this was actually our 21st anniversary, we started our journey with another vendor that did not turn out favorably.  So early this year, we changed directions and decided to stop trying to cut corners and do this thing the right way. Because I live in Atlanta, I went down to Zeus' Closet which is the actual store that stuff4greeks resides and began a new process. The customer service was top notch. Once I gave them direction and a few pictures, the first draft of the design was within one week.

The Design

Brian says: "Stuff4Greeks did an awesome job recreating the Alpha Nu Plot (NC A&T SU) on our 20 year jackets (Kappa Alpha Psi). This recreation took time and made it stand still. In other words, the plot had changed over time and they were able to capture the old benches and the new pole at the same time. The way that the diamond appears in a 3D fashion is great! We went through a number of adjustments before the final design was agreed upon. Once we received the jacket, it looked better than the design."


The Delivery

The end result was an embroidered masterpiece for Brian and his line brothers.

Brian says: "The quality of the jacket is unmatched. We wore the jackets at homecoming this year and received an incredible response from everyone on the quality and design."

Watch this video to see the process in action:

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