How to Easily Coordinate A Big Order of Custom Line Jackets for a Large Group of People

Posted by S4G on 3/13/2014 to News

Coordinating a group order? We just made your life easier.

It all starts with ONE. You no longer have to pay a big lump sum to get your group order started. You don't even need to pay half up front. Just order the first item in the group and we'll get the ball rolling. Scroll down and keep reading for more details...

Group orders of Greek line jackets and fraternity sorority sweaters

Need to order line jackets, sweaters, or shirts for a large group of people? We understand how painful it can be to coordinate an order for your entire line, pledge class, or for all members of your chapter. As the coordinator, you have to deal with gathering everyone's sizes and information...then you have to confirm everything is spelled correctly...collect everyone's money...and so on. We know it's a huge headache for you. And then what if someone in your group doesn't have the money yet? You'll either have to circle back around to them when they have it, or figure out something else. Plus, not everyone will have cash or a check to give you; some people want to use a credit card or PayPal...and what if your people are spread out across the country? There are so many variables that make coordinating a group order more and more challenging.

Well at S4G, we've solved these problems for you. Just request that we make a dedicated web page for you, so everyone in your group can individually place their orders. As long as you have purchased at least the first garment in your order, we will make this web page for you free of charge (upon request only). That way, we'll handle collecting everyone's garment size, correct name spelling, number, payment, proofing, and shipping for you. And we will of course make sure that the overall design stays consistent so that everyone in your group looks the same when you wear your garments together.

Remember, we are members of Greek-letter organizations too, so we've experienced all of the same pain points. That's why we've made things super easy and taken away all of the hassle that comes with coordinating a large order of personalized garments for many different people.

Again, just ask us and we'll set up a special web page for your group. Here's how it works:

  1. First, come to a general agreement with your group about what type of garment you all want, the color scheme, what you want it to say, and where (front, sleeves, back, etc.). Then determine how much it will cost so you will know the budget per person. Feel free to call or email us if you need help with this. Tip: We recommend that a small committee handle these decisions. The more people you have involved in the decision-making process, the longer it will take to come to a consensus.
  2. You'll need to purchase at least one garment in your order so that we can begin the design process. Once you approve the design, we can use this first garment as a template for everyone else in your group. You can order this first garment online or over the phone.
  3. We'll email you a proof image of your custom garment and work with you to make as many changes as you want until you finalize the design.
  4. At your request, we will make a dedicated web page for your group to start placing orders. This web page will not be available to the general public; only people who you give the link will have access. When placing their orders, people in your group will only be able to change the things that are personalized (i.e. size, line name, line number, etc). Everything else will keep the same design as your initial order template.
  5. As we receive orders from people in your group, we will email them their own proof to ensure that all sizes and spellings are correct.
  6. When your order is ready, we can either ship all of the items to one address, or we can ship them individually, or you can pick them up from our Atlanta store - whichever option is most convenient for your group.

No other Greek store makes big orders this easy! Here are 3 more reasons to only trust S4G with your group order:

  1. Get as creative as you want. Unique artwork, 3D letters, special fabrics... You dream it, we design it.
  2. You'll see and approve each item before we start stitching. Then we execute the order exactly as you approved it, upholding our quality standards.
  3. Rush options are available if you need your order by a specific date.

Whether you're ordering for 5 people or 5000, placing your group order with S4G is reliable and easy.

What can we create for your group? Start here with our easy-to-use order forms.

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