It's Earth Day! But never do this...

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 4/22/2013 to Tips
By Stuff for Greeks

While we should always do things like recycle, use water wisely, plant trees, and protect the Earth's environment, there is one thing you should absolutely never do...

Never donate your Greek clothing to charity... or else stuff like this can happen:

(Over the years, people have sent us these pictures from around the web. We're sure you've seen them before, but please share this with new pledges so that they know better.)

April 22nd - Earth Day - is a global holiday on which we demonstrate support for protecting the Earth's environment. People do different things like plant a tree, recycle, clean up streets, and take public transportation to save gas. We should really be conscious of the Earth every day, but again, be careful about how you dispose of your fraternity and sorority clothing.

So what exactly should you do with Greek gear that you no longer want or need? Here are some ideas:

  1. Pass it down. Give it to a neo or someone else who you know is a member of your organization.
  2. Store it. Buy a plastic bin and just pack it all in there. Store the bin in your basement or attic.
  3. Frame it and hang it on your wall.
  4. Cut it up and make it into a blanket or pillow.
  5. If you absolutely have to get rid of it, destroy it. Cut it up or burn it before you dispose of it so it cannot be worn by anyone else. (This is a last resort. We're not recommending you disrespect your letters.)

On the other hand, if you need some new paraphernalia on this Earth Day, why not treat yourself to the best custom Greek gear on the planet...