It's Like Clockwork

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 10/1/2011 to Spotlight Story Archives
By Stuff for Greeks

The Dream

Ryan often shops at our retail store, Zeus' Closet, in Atlanta. He loves to get super-creative with his designs, so we decided to showcase some of his work. He recently ordered a custom polo, followed up by a custom jacket.

Ryan says: "I came up with the idea for Klockwork from A Clockwork Orange. I liked the character of Alex, a character who was violent, but ultimately took no shorts. He was a ruthless kind of character who used what he had to get what he wanted. Although I oppose violence, I admired his leadership quality and his charm. I kinda see those kind of traits in myself. Alex was just a bad boy (like myself), but you have to watch the movie to understand.

I came up with the idea for the Kappa Swim jacket from a design I saw at the Konclave. I liked the design so much that I ordered it from the person that did it. I never received the order, but I wanted to do something with the design. So I pulled it up, and had S4G to work it out on a jacket. The result? Strictly fire!!"


The Design

Ryan's polo shirt featured multiple images from the movie A Clockwork Orange to represent his line name - "Klockwork".

For his jacket, he submitted this custom Kappa Swim Club image. We digitized this image and made several modifications to it at Ryan's request, like adding more bubbles, and making the goggles have the letters Phi Nu Pi reflected in them. We also created a different swimmer icon for Ryan's sleeve.

Out of curiosity, we asked Ryan why he shops with us instead of any other Greek store. Here is his reply: "Why do I continue to choose Stuff 4 Greeks? Two words: Excellence and Superiority above all others when it comes to producing quality material and a great product. I'm a very creative person, and you guys who work there are just as creative and have similar visions to mine. They can take ideas and mold them to fit your vision, and will not stop until you are completely satisfied. They're not pushy or uptight or impatient. They really work with you and they work HARD to make your vision come to life. The other reason that I love working with you guys is the customer service. When I came there for my first idea (the Joker jacket), they treated me like they had known me for years and made me feel welcome and comfortable. And one last reason why I continue using Stuff 4 Greeks is reliability. When they finally put the ideas into place after the design is done, and you've paid for it, when they say it's going to be done by a certain date, it's DONE. No ifs ands or buts about it. No haggling or begging for extensions. It's done. When Stuff for Greeks say that you're gonna get your product by a certain day, they mean it! As the work progresses, they also continue to give you updates via e-mail. I like that.  Plus, when you get your product, it's easy to see how much care and quality they put into your product. Shoot, look at my jackets and shirt!! Kan anyone do it better than Stuff 4 Greeks? I don't think so!!!"


The Delivery

We really love how Ryan' shirt and jacket turned out. This is the second custom line jacket we've made for him, and he's previously ordered many shirts. He tells us that his custom gear draws attention everywhere he goes.

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