Jackets of steel.

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 6/13/2013 to News

By Stuff for Greeks

The Man of Steel movie hits theaters tomorrow, and this made us reflect back on some of the Superman-themed custom orders we've made for people over the years(see below). Wow...Superman is a really popular dude!

Super Greek fraternity sorority jackets

This also made us wonder why so many Greeks identify with Superman/Supergirl. Maybe it's because we feel "super" after making it through the pledge process, and we feel like we can achieve anything that the world throws at us.

Well this may sound corny, but we've heard more than one person say they feel like they have "super powers" when they wear their stuff4GREEKS line jacket. Maybe it's from all of the attention your jacket attracts, or all of the heads that turn as you walk by. Or maybe it's because every time you wear your Greek apparel, it brings out that super feeling you had when you first crossed the burning sands.

Whatever the reason, now is a great time to get a super jacket of your own! Need more inspiration? Look through our photo gallery and see the winners of our Jacket of the Year contest!

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