Kappa Assassin Jackets

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The Dream

From a video game set in Rome, Italy to line jackets in Athens, Georgia.  Kappa Alpha Psi – 7 Assassins of the Krimson Kreed

Blake Williams and the new initiates at the Zeta Iota chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi needed some fresh Greek apparel for the new school year so they contacted S4G.  The idea for their line jackets came from the Assassin’s Creed video game.  They had a general idea of what they wanted, but we helped them fine tune it by changing the character’s blades into canes.  Our artists worked very diligently to ensure that every detail was captured.  Blake says “we wanted something different from the normal line jackets. We wanted to be uniform, but yet have some individuality to the jackets as well.”   Blake had a very clear vision of exactly how he wanted every piece of the jacket to be put together.


The Design

It was difficult for Blake to find a place that could provide the khaki/tan color coaches jackets that he was looking for. Once he confirmed that we had the desired color, his decision was made. It was more like a no-brainer. His decision was easy when he found out that several of his other chapter brothers came to us for their line jackets in the past. 

He told us that we set ourselves apart from other Greek clothing stores because we were willing to work with them to make the design and we were able to return the finished crossing jackets in a quick, timely manner.


The Delivery

The expression on Blake’s face when he came to or store pick up his jackets was simply priceless.  (We probably should’ve snapped a picture.) Blake told us that the guys he ordered the jackets for were constantly asking him when they would be ready. He let us know that it was worth the wait.

After wearing them on the yard Blake says they receive nothing but positive comments on their line jackets. “People who have no idea what our Fraternity is or what it is about want to know more about the Fraternity when they see these jackets.”  He continues by telling us about what people are saying without words. “Passive, positive feedback is seen in expressions such as “wow” or “nice” on people’s faces around the campus. Overall, the jackets receive great feedback, which truly makes us proud.”

Watch this video to get a behind-the-scenes look at how we made these jackets:

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