Lethal InjeKtion

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 4/5/2012 to Spotlight Story Archives
By Stuff for Greeks

The Dream

Early one Saturday morning a group of Nupes came into our Greek clothing store, Zeus’ Closet in search of some quality line jackets.  They all seemed to be equally impressed with the quality of the Greek apparel we had on display at the time.  They had all been searching far and wide for a company they felt could make the jackets of their dreams.  It didn’t take long for one of them, Edcardo to realize that he was in the right place! 

With the help of one of our representatives, Edcardo filled out an order form and placed his order right then and there.  He had an exact image in mind for his custom artwork.  We were just as excited as he was about making his Greek Fraternity jacket.  He had an image on a jump drive that he wanted to start with and add his own flavor to.  One thing he said he absolutely had to have was something represent the matrix in the background of his artwork because his chapter is known as “The Matrix Chapter.”  We knew it would be a challenge but we were up to it!


The Design

When asked how he came up with the idea for his jacket, he told us that he,“wanted to choose a figure that brings the name (Lethal InjeKtion) to life in different ways.” He continued by saying, “Wolverine is known throughout the comic world for his ferocity, loyalty and commitment to achieving the goals of his team. The blades (claws) are what set Wolverine apart from other heroes and he uses them to rip apart his competition in order to protect the people he loves.  The beautiful woman is a personal touch.  At the end of the day, the hero (NUPE) always gets the girl.”

We truly LOVE making these jackets, and we appreciate each and every person that orders our Greek clothing, so we always try to find out why people choose us to make their jackets.  When Edcardo was asked about his decision, he told us that he, “looked at many companies.  However their lack of creativity and attention to detail was troubling.  It was not representative of me, or my Fraternity.  Therefore I chose S4G because I was confident my jacket would be done right.  And it was!  I would recommend S4G to any and everyone!” 



The Delivery

Edcardo told us that people are in awe upon seeing his jacket. Watch the video below for some behind-the-scenes footage and to see this jacket in its full glory.

Edcardo tells us that his line brothers and other friends are saving money right now to get their own custom fraternity jacket from S4G. Click here to start your order today!