Logo inspirations

Posted by Tisean on 7/16/2013 to News
By Stuff for Greeks


We’ve always taken pride in offering the most unique Greek clothing in the industry.  We love it when our customers say things like, “I’ve never seen anything like this before!” or “I can’t wait to wear this back on the yard, the bruhs are going to love this!”  These are a few of the responses we’ve gotten from our pre-designed t-shirts.

A few of our fairly popular premium Greek t-shirts have used typography we’ve borrowed from other designs.  They are our RUN DMC style shirts, and our “King of Frats” shirts.   Also, our newly released “Keep Calm” series has been ordered several times and has sold out time after time in our retail Greek clothing store, Zeus’ Closet.

There’s no secret to why our RUN DMC styled shirts are successful.  The original logo from the hip-hop pioneer trio is still very popular.  The logo is so popular we decided to put our little twist on it and create pre-designed Greek t-shirts for all Divine 9 fraternities and sororities.  The Kappa Alpha Psi and DST version of the shirts look the most like the rap group’s original logo because of the obvious color scheme.  You definitely get the picture with the other organizations though.  Each shirt is embroidered in that organization’s colors.  The big bold text in the very distinct font between the two rectangles should be a dead giveaway.  Order your RUN DMC shirt here today!

afa budOur “King of Frats” shirt is a play on the popular beer slogans.  We put our spin on the logo, and another one of our more popular Greek shirts was introduced to the world.  Most of these designs can be embroidered or ordered as a heat transferred t-shirt.  Embroidery is clearly a more permanent option although it does take a little longer.  These shirts can be produced and shipped as early as same day in some cases.  This is a great way to get that last minute gift or frat shirt for that unexpected event that just popped up.  Order your Divine Nine King of Frats shirt right now right here!

Surely, you’ve all seen the Keep Calm posts and designs on Instagram and Twitter by now.   We’ve also decided to put our own S4G twist on your keep calm ideas.  We certainly don’t want to limit you to these, but we created some designs to include: Keep Calm but BE OWT – for the Omegas and Keep Calm and stay Pretty – for the AKAs.  As we mentioned earlier, we are not at all about limits.  A few months back we made a couple of shirts for a couple of now newlyweds that attended Morehouse and Spelman.  The shirts said Keep Calm and Marry a Morehouse Man and Keep Calm and Marry a Spelman Woman respectively.  

Whether you want to order the shirts mentioned above or you have your own design in mind we can make it happen.  Click here to order your very own custom Greek t-shirt today by clicking right here.