Make a Statement with Greek Clothes and Accessories

Posted by Richard on 9/17/2012 to Tips

Make a Statement with Greek Clothes and Accessories

Greek Life is all about building community affiliations and support. A great way to establish your Greek identity is with fashion. A unique style signifies your desire to build lifelong bonds and offers the opportunity to pass on a common heritage of style and substance. In today’s world, community is more important than ever and a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself often begins in college with your chosen sorority and fraternity association.

Clothing style is a simple means of uniting your Greeks and making a statement. New members gain a sense of immediate belonging and a sense of your Greek history can be found through ever changing trends. Fashion is the basic block to build your Greek identity and the possibilities are endless. Through clothes and accessories, one can make a statement about their Greek membership while retaining their individual identity. jackets, hoodies, sweaters, purses, jewelry, ties and t-shirts are just a few of the items that may be used to represent your Greek affiliation.

Through style, Greeks can easily identify their group values and characteristics. Using color boldly or demurely, pastels or jewel tones is just the beginning. Signature styles can include patterns, emblems and embellishments. Merely sticking with a basic combination of colors can provide a sense of nostalgia and affiliation for a member’s lifetime. Greek clothes are a hot trend and popular manufactures like American Apparel and Gildan are offering lines of some of the largest sororities’ styles. So don’t hesitate to showcase your Greek pride through an entire outfit or a simple, chic purse.