New And Improved Paddles!

Posted by Tisean on 9/18/2013 to News
S4G Staff Holding 8-Foot PaddleAt S4G, we are constantly innovating and doing all we can do to set ourselves apart from all other online Greek stores. We try to offer things you cannot find anywhere else. For over a decade we'd like to believe we've done a great job at doing just that. Our customer service department's new motto has been to find a way to 'Yes.'   We've got a new product that will help us do just that.  Check out our staff (above) holding the newest addition to our Greek accessories.

 For a long time we haven't been able to find a way to yes when it comes to custom wood pieces. In the last year, we were able to do just that. Check out our full-color glossy top-of-the-line Greek paddles here. We've been making these beautiful paddles for fraternities, sororities, other clubs, and organizations, we even donated a very custom one to the winner of a shoe drive last year. In other words, people love our paddles! We just so happen to think our paddles are pretty great too. 

 In the past they've all stood about 2 feet tall and are made of solid wood that is professionally painted and glazed. We have at least one of each Divine 9 organization displayed in our retail Greek clothing store, Zeus' Closet. They make great gifts and they've been selling pretty steadily. Every once in a while we have customers who ask for bigger ones. So now we're faced with our next challenge. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to offer any paddles larger than 2 feet tall. . . until now. 

 ups driverWe were caught completely off guard when we received an unexpected package 2 weeks ago. It was by far the largest box we ever received. The UPS delivery driver was upset that he had to drop off such a large box but when we opened this casket-sized box we couldn't have been happier. The manufacturer that makes our custom Greek paddles and tikis took it upon themselves to create an 8-foot-tall solid wood custom paddle just for us. Check it out. We are still amazed at how big and heavy this paddle is! Now we know that we can create custom paddles from 2 to 8 feet tall for any Fraternity, Sorority or other organization.  Click here to order your very own custom paddle!