New Products!

Posted by Tisean on 6/15/2013 to News

We’ve been in business for over a decade now and we believe one of the keys to our success is the fact that we offer things that our competitors don’t offer.  Not to mention that its been proven that our custom Greek clothing simply cannot be matched.   We plan to continue serving you at this high level for many decades to come.  One way we plan to do so is by offering new products.  Unless you’ve been under a rock or just haven’t checked your email in a while you will noticed that we’ve been adding several new items to our available list of Greek paraphernalia.  We’re here to tell you about a few of them today.

As most of you know, we began by creating only custom Greek crossing jackets and t-shirts.  Over the years, as our clients continued to request more items, we continued to add them as we could get them.  Over the last few weeks our inventory of Greek gear increased tremendously to include items like motorcycle license plates and frames, motorcycle jackets, large wooden crest plaques, coasters, and a variety of different styles of shirts just to name a few.  

Motorcycle plateWe’re sure you’ve all seen the motorcycle jackets that can be found at a kiosk in nearly every mall across the country.  In our personal opinion we think they’re sort of, well, lame.   No offense, but we’ve been seeing the same jackets with the same old generic designs for years.  We decided to offer something a little better, you can now personalize your very own Greek fraternity or sorority motorcycle jacket.  We have several different styles of these jackets so you won’t have to worry about looking like every other member of your organization when you’re riding around and gettin’ it.  Click here to order yours today!  While you’re at it, click here to order a custom motorcycle plate to match!

We’ve been getting requests for years to produce some wood-work.  First we were able to offer generic tikis.  Now we offer a variety of custom tikis, paddles, and now large crest plaques and coasters.  Its clear that people have been waiting for us to be able to provide these items.  Within minutes of adding the Greek apparel to our website we had several orders for these things!

Wooden Plaque

Another extremely popular new item is our off the shoulder shirt.  These stylish shirts come in a variety of colors and sleeve lengths and like the rest of our custom Greek gear, can be fully customized.  We also added instant custom t-shirts on a variety of styles.  We have regular unisex shirts as well as fitted ladies shirts, v-necks, tank tops and shirts that hang off of the shoulder.  These shirts are great if you need something quick, hence the name.  In most cases they can be shipped out in the same day as long as we have the blank garment in stock.


Since adding these items, we’ve noticed business increase tremendously from this time last year.  We sincerely appreciate the continued support from our loyal clients.  As you continue to request new things, we will continue to find ways to provide fresh New Greek gear for you!  Click here to see what else is new!