New Years Resolutions

Posted by Tisean S. on 3/4/2013 to News
A lot of us set personal goals at the beginning of the year in order to do things better than the year before. Often these are fitness, nutrition or financial goals. We know that it may seem weird for us to be posting a blog about New Year’s Resolutions in March, but by this time you're either keeping it up or you've fallen off. We read an article that said, “New Year’s resolutions are a bit like babies: They’re fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain.” Great analogy! We really just wanted to see about how many people have been keeping up with their resolutions.

Around the office here at S4G a few of us have made individual resolutions. We took a short break from making Greek clothing to talk about these resolutions and how they are going. One person’s resolution was to run more. Another made a resolution to save more money and another decided to stop eating pork. All three say that they are continuing to keep their resolutions. That says a lot, considering most people neglect their resolution before January is over.

We, as a company, also have a resolution. Well, we have the same new years resolution we make every year. It is to consistently make the best quality custom Greek clothing and deliver the best customer service in the industry. As we get more and more orders, it is a challenge, but we think we are doing a good job. It is important to treat yourself when goals are met. We recently had a pizza party to celebrate our production department hitting their goals. If you feel like you are doing a good job on your personal goals, you should treat yourself to some custom Greek gear from us. Who are we kidding? Even if you gave up on your resolution you should treat yourself to some of our custom Greek apparel. Click here to get started.