New feature! Make a gift registry.

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 3/29/2012 to News

Even better than our Wish List feature... we now offer the option for you to create a Gift Registry. You can save custom and non-custom items to a list, then email your friends and family a link so they can buy items for you off of your list!

For example, you can customize your dream jacket, then click "Add to Gift Registry" - then add some more Greek trinkets, or other Greek apparel to your list. Then email the link to your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, aunt, uncle... or whomever!

When people buy items from your registry, it will keep track of what's been purchased and what hasn't been bought yet.

What a great way for someone new to Greek life to build up their collection of Greek paraphernalia. This also insures that you don't end up with duplicate gifts!

Getting started is easy. Click here.