People's Choice Entry - Alpha Tau Mu Anubis Jacket

Posted by Kamal Johnson on 3/7/2014 to People's Choice Entries

Alpha Tau Mu Men of Anubis Jacket

Alpha Tau Mu Anubis Jacket
"I came up with the idea from the original mascot of the fraternity which was Anubis when it was originally all males. after becoming coed we changed to a phoenix. however since all four originals founders are very active in the fraternity still we still call our selves men of Anubis. I chose S4G because im a previous customer and you guys have the best work iv ever seen when it comes to crafting para. from the day i recieved my jacket it turns heads and members of D9 even ask me where did i get my jacket or "man thats the hardest jacket on the yard".