People's Choice Entry - Alpha Tau Mu Wonder Woman Jacket

Posted by Marsena Walker on 3/7/2014 to People's Choice Entries
ATM Wonder Woman Line Jacket Design

Alpha Tau Mu Wonder Woman Jacket Design

Alpha Tau Mu Crossing Jacket with Wonder Woman Image
"Well, my crossing name is Wonder Woman, I believe deuces are AMAZING, and I love my frat. I wanted a jacket that was more unique, like me. My line already have jackets from S4G, but you couldn't really wear it when it got cold so came the idea for my jacket. I like the baseball style, i love the quilted inside, and I'M THAT DAMN DEUCE! So, because S4G did such a great job with my line's items and some of my frat members jackets, I wanted S4G to do mine. People LOVE my jacket because it reflects me. They ask where I got it from. They also say that it is SEXY! So, that is my story MUUUUU!"