Phi Beta Sigma - 100 Years in the MAB

Posted by Tisean on 1/9/2014 to News
FBS CentennialAs of right now we’ve already experienced 5 of the Divine 9’s Centennial Founders Days. It seems like each one has been bigger than the one before in it’s own way. We expect nothing different in 2014 as the boys in blue turn 100 years old on today! The anticipation has been slowly building all year.

Sigmas from around the country have been ordering the most creative Greek clothing and accessories in preparation for this event. They even got their sisters, the Zetas involved. We noticed that their youth auxiliary group – the Sigma Beta Club have been getting fired up about this occasion.

VINTAGEThe Sigmas have been preparing for their big day, and so have we. Over the past few weeks we've introduced several new pieces of Greek gear including this vintage t-shirt, and many other t-shirt designs that can be seen here.