Probate Season

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 3/11/2013 to News

By Stuff for Greeks

It is one of the busiest times of the year for us here at S4G. Several group orders are being placed.  People have strict deadlines and pay rush fees to ensure that their Greek gear is received by certain dates.  Those dates are probate days.  Yes, it is probate season and there’s probably nobody more excited than us. Well, except the new initiates who are having the probates.

Moms, dads, friends and prophytes have been calling and visiting our Greek clothing store, Zeus’ Closet for gifts since January.  They are all proud of their new initiates and are excited to congratulate them and shower them with gifts to show them.  The most popular crossing gifts have been crossing t-shirts, jerseys and crossing jackets.  Although they make great gifts, Greek clothing is not all people come looking for.  Greek accessories are just as popular, and in most cases are less expensive.  License plates, key chains and dog tags top the list when it comes to accessories.

After several years worth of probate seasons we noticed trends when it came to people ordering probate gifts.  We noticed that people normally purchased a combination of Greek clothing and Greek accessories, usually in the same order.  This gave us the idea to create the Greek Fraternity and Sorority Neo Package.  The Neo Package gives you the most bang for your buck, and you get a combination of gear and trinkets. 

For $299 you get a basic crossing jacket, sweatshirt, t-shirt, duffel bag (or tote bag), license plate, dog tag, hat, and a tiki!  This is the best way to show your new initiate you care without actually spending an arm and a leg. Get it here.  If you order early enough, we can actually customize most of the items too! 

The Neo Package has been a great addition to our list of products but it has been brought to our attention that it mostly appeals to neophytes who are still in undergrad.  We are aware that more established people are sometimes neophytes too, and wouldn’t have much use for a crossing jacket or a tiki.  That is why we later came up with the business package.

The business package includes a blazer, a cardigan sweater, polo shirt, button down shirt, laptop bag, and a lapel pin.  You can get all of this today for $399 here. Regular price is $534.  That’s a savings of $135.  This would be an ideal gift for someone crossing and joining an alumni chapter.

Congratulations to all of the new initiates of all organizations who recently crossed and those who are crossing Spring 2013.  For those of you purchasing gifts, make sure your new initiate steps out in style and has plenty of new Greek gear to rock after the probate show.  Show them how much you care with a Neo Package or a Business Package today!