Resurrected Pharaoh Jackets

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 12/4/2012 to Spotlight Story Archives
By Stuff for Greeks

The Dream

At S4G, we love making custom, never-before-seen Greek clothes. We are all artists here, and we treat each garment like a blank canvas on which we are painting a masterpiece. We don’t require any minimum quantity; we’ll do as few as one custom jacket, but we specialize in big group orders as well.  We like these orders so much that we offer group discounts of orders of 5 or more. The Fall 2011 initiates of the Kappa Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. took advantage of our group discount when they ordered their custom Greek line jackets from us.

What qualifies a line for our group discounts you may ask?  The answer is simple – all jackets have to be exactly the same with the exception of the line names and numbers; and of course sizes. In addition, we do offer different discounts for higher quantities. Orders of 5 to 19 are eligible for a 10% discount. Orders of 20 to 49  get 15% and so on. See the full group discount pricing chart here.


The Design

When we asked how the Fall 2011 initiates came up with the idea for their Greek fraternity jackets, they could not take credit for it.  They contacted an artist by the name of Sandi Shivers.  Sandi said that, “having a close bond with these young men helped me to determine a design that spoke directly to each member of the line, but as a collective whole. The goal was to create something unique, never before seen, and a design that had a wow factor. With the design, I wanted to be sure that it could stand-alone.”  We think she did an amazing job with the design.  Don’t you?  She continued by saying,  “These young men take great pride in being men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and as a designer, I needed them to be just as proud in the design and jacket they were going to keep for a lifetime."  We feel the same way.

We asked the initiates what made them choose us to make their custom Greek apparel.  They told us we were chosen, “because of their known reputation for producing amazing work and great customer service skills. As new Alpha initiates, we wanted to represent our organization with flawless garments, so we decided to trust our vision in the hands of the professionals at stuff4GREEKS. S4G had previously done an amazing job on a majority of our prophytes’ jackets, therefore it was clearly the way to go.”




The Delivery

Chapter President, Tyrone Grandison, spoke on behalf of the line and told us they are, “truly amazed at the outcome of our jackets. As a whole, we were impressed that the same exact detail from the sketched photo was implicated into the jacket. It was definitely not an easy image to reproduce yet S4G took the challenge and blew it out of the water. People of all different races and councils say that they have never seen a line jacket with such detail before. From the five subtle pyramids symbolizing the line, to the detail within the image of the reincarnation of a deceased pharaoh. It feels good to generate conversation with a vast majority of people based off of a simple compliment. Greeks and non-Greeks are always very impressed and intrigued by the work and are eager to know where and how they can get one just like ours; and we always forward them to Sandi and S4G. None of this would have been possible without Sandi Shivers, Owner of Luxo Luxo, Inc. or the professionals at S4G. We thank you both for this amazing experience."

Watch the video below to see more of these jackets and what went into making them.

We had an amazing experience making these jackets and we look forward to making more dream jackets come to life in the future. Click here to begin creating the line jacket of your dreams!