S4G Paintballing Trip

Posted by Tisean on 9/2/2013 to News
cover2There's so much more to life than work and school. Everyone should take time to enjoy life. Nobody understands that like the staff here at S4G. Sure, everyone works diligently to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our superb customer service and incomparable Greek gear. Sometimes we take group trips to bond and have some fun outside the office.

Don't worry. All of our orders are still going to be completed in a timely matter. We are actually pretty far ahead of our scheduled estimated completion dates. In fact, over the past few weeks we've been shipping out Greek jackets in less than 15 business days. This is great because our normal production time is an estimated 30 business days!

Just to reward the team for the great work, we recently went out to play some paintball. Most of the staff had never played before but after the first round, we all turned into sharp-shooters (well, in our minds at least).  The first round was played amongst ourselves. We had a blast! Our outing only got better as the day went on. We teamed up against other teams and won! Before the day was over, we played a game of protect the president.  We had to all play bad guys and sneak our way up to an elevated building to attempt to capture our beloved office manager, Pat.  There were over 20 of us playing villains so this game should be pretty easy right?  It would have been easy if we weren't playing against 5 professional paintball players.  They had the best paintball guns that money could buy.  Their trigger fingers were almost as quick as the embroidery machines we use to make our custom Greek clothing.  Not only were they quick, but they were accurate!  Many of us were hit with very accurate head-shots.

paintball afterEvery time we go out for a group outing, there's always something we can learn from others.  Our staff is very observant and we noticed that the staff at this particular paintball park was not very organized.  While they were very knowledgeable about their products, they didn't explain some things very clearly to us as newcomers.  Our customer service department had a quick lesson on what not to do when selling our Greek gear.  The service at the park was not terrible, it simply wasn't the best.  Being the very best is what we strive for in our in every department of our company.  We want it to be a magical experience when you order your Greek gear from us.  

Stay tuned to see where the crew ends up next.  We have huge plans for the near future.  Until then, click here to order your newest Greek gear today.  Be prepared to receive some excellent customer service and receive your order sooner than expected.  Our staff is on a mission!