Sigma Lambda Gamma Shocking Pink Converse Jacket

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 1/20/2012 to Spotlight Story Archives
By Stuff for Greeks

The Dream

At S4G, we take pride in making personalized Greek clothing for all fraternities and sororities. Did you know that we service over 500 different Greek-letter organizations? We don't limit our offerings to just a few groups like some other stores do. In fact, we get just as many orders from members of Sigma Lambda Gamma and Sigma Lambda Beta as we do from some Divine Nine organizations. We love making creative jackets like this one that we made for Chelsea, who said that, “The day I became a sister of SLG was one of the happiest days of my life. After all my hard work, I couldn't wait to design my line jacket.”

We asked Chelsea how she came up with the idea for her jacket.  She said initially, “I had no idea what I wanted. The only thing I knew was I wanted it to be something that had never been seen before.” (She certainly came to the right place!)

Chelsea continued by saying, “Finally, I decided to showcase my love for Converse. I found this picture of pink Converse with a crown on top and fell in love with it. The contrast between the shoes and crown just work so well together.” She had an exact image in mind, all we had to do is digitize her artwork and work our magic with the embroidery machines. Our skilled production artists use the direction of the thread and the layering of the fabric to make the shoes look very life-like.


The Design

We asked Chelsea what made her choose S4G to make her crossing jacket. She told us, “after searching around, I discovered they were the best. Seeing the all those amazing jackets on their website just took my breath away. There was no doubt in my mind that my jacket was in great hands. Once I received it I knew I made the right choice. My jacket came out so beautiful that I ordered another one a few months later.”

Chelsea told us that she always gets compliments on her Greek sorority jacket.  “The one word I have been hearing the most is “wow”. People are amazed by the great detail and continually tell me how much they love my jackets. Whenever I’m asked where I got them, I proudly say stuff4Greeks. S4G will always have a loyal customer in me. They are definitely the #1 stop for Greek paraphernalia!”  We are glad Chelsea thinks so. Click here to start your own order and see for yourself.


The Delivery

The detail on this jacket is so vivid that it is difficult to convey in photographs. You should really see it in person because the shoes are coming to life in 3D. The way that we organized the pink fabric and the thread just makes the embroidered design pop! Check out the video below to see it in HD for more detail.

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