Softball Love + AKA Love

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 10/5/2012 to Spotlight Story Archives
By Stuff for Greeks

The Dream

Here at S4G we take pride in being able to do things that other Greek clothing stores just can’t or don’t do. We like that our customers are creative and give us challenges! We don’t want to be that company that only offers the same old “cookie cutter” designs that everyone has seen hundreds of times before. Whittney Harris knew this when she was looking for a Greek apparel site to order her jacket from.

We love how she got creative and chose neon green twill to make her jacket stand out. She also chose a unique font for the front Greek letters (we offer over 20 different Greek fonts).


The Design

We asked Whittney how she came up with the idea for her custom Greek line jacket.  She told us, “The idea came from my love, my life, my favorite activity which is softball. I've been playing ball since the age of 4 years old; it paid my way into my first four years of college....and it only made sense to infuse it into my new love....being an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman. I kept the SCSU's logo in the colors of garnet and blue, because I wanted to show my school spirit and love for my team also. They were real supportive through my process (keeping me in the loop of our team), even though they didn't really know why I kept leaving practices and games early. Then there's the obvious detail... I love my Beta Sigma women...and most of all I love the 110 Resurrected P.E.A.R.L.S.   :)”

We went back and forth with Whittney via email to get all the colors and the detail in her custom artwork just right. When we asked why she came to us for her Greek Apparel needs, she told us that she did her research first and she “chose S4G because of the recommendations that I got from many people who love quality just like I do.”  She later added that she, “wanted to freeze a little of my Greek love/experience on my jacket, and S4G helped me to do just that!”  We are glad we had the opportunity to make Whittney’s dream jacket come to life.



The Delivery

Later, Whittney told us, “I only had my jacket for about a week and on my first day out with it....tons of people were showing me love. The best reaction was my little cousin's. He loved it just because he saw me in my softball uniform holding a softball bat. Instantly he wanted to know more about Greek life. I think that it's awesome that a jacket that I love so dearly....can interest people like it did. I love it!”

We are glad that Whittney is getting a lot of love from her custom Greek jacket. We are hoping the rest of her line sisters come to us for theirs as well.  We have an awesome group discount for the other 109 P.E.A.R.L.S. . . :-)

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