Tips for Running Your Sorority

Posted by Tiffany on 3/5/2014 to Tips

I do not know a lot about every sorority, but I do know about sorority as I was part of the “Greek life” at my university. Though it was not always the most simple of all the clubs I had joined, it was more beneficial and worth the effort I put into it. During my self-discovery in college, I was able to maintain a good mindset and took my Greekness seriously. Here are some helpful tips to maintain your Sorority:

  1. Choose recruits who have the potential to compete for the running of being “head of house” within the Sorority. You want to know that each person will be in the running to maintain the house in a manner that will not reflect badly on the sorority. Even further, you want to know that each person you have recruits stands a chance of being able to handle the stress.

  2. Purchase sorority apparel that gives your Greek name meaning. Each member should be required to have at least one article of clothing that represents the Greek life. You want your current members to show pride in their Greek sorority.

  3. Read all policies at your University. When you are running a sorority, you might be following behind the steps of the person who was in charge before you. However, not all leaders follow rules and they will not tell you that rules were broken. Therefore, to avoid trouble with getting expelled, read up on all policies about sororities at your university. Determine what can and cannot be done.

  4. If hazing is accepted at your university (or rules are not strictly followed about hazing), keep the tasks to a minimum. Part of expulsion can be directly correlated with hazing processes that harmed a student.

While running your sorority, it will be vital you are mindful of these. I know I was and Greek life was not only easier for me, but also more effective.