A Fashionable Life in Your Sorority

Posted by S4G on 3/24/2014 to Tips

While living with other women is pleasurable, it also has it detriments. Each of you are competing to have the best outfits and being the “most fashion-forward” person in the sorority. I remember watching girls in sororities do it all the time and the competitive spirit seemed to be on a high caliber. Interested in knowing why they do it, I asked one of my close friends who is part of a sorority as an alumni.

Q. Why are you so competitive with your sisterhood?

Our sisterhood is tight and we believe in sharing with one another and helping. That is why we joined the sorority in the first place. However, once you enter, you get the impression that if you are not dressed to impress, you quickly fall out of place within the sorority.

Q. Are all girls like this?

Honestly, no. You have girls from all over the world coming in and joining the sorority to be a part of the “Greek life” and form bonds with people you would have never even met before joining the sorority. However, there are certain girls who care about sorority clothing more than others do.

Q. Do you all share clothing?

Yes, we do share clothing. Not all of us do though. I shared with certain girls while I did not allow other girls to wear my clothing. While we are a sisterhood, you are bound to be closer with certain girls more than other girls. So you stick with them and you share amongst them with you clothing. I did, occasionally, allow girls who I wouldn’t typical allow borrow my clothes to borrow them in the event of an emergency or special occasion. After all, these two situations are why we are a sisterhood. We help one another out during special occasions and state of emergencies (not necessarily life-threatening ones).

Your Sorority is more than Just Clothes

After carefully questioning my friend, I came to the determination that a sorority is more than just clothes. Each girl is there for a reason and some are there to be fashionable. However, it seems only a small percentage cares about those superficial aspects of life and rather focus on more critical issues.