Spotlight Story - Alpha Nu Omega “Men of Worship”

Posted by on 9/1/2014 to Current Spotlight Stories
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The Dream

Maurice had a vision in his mind of a line jacket with David from the Bible spinning his slingshot and an eagle on his shoulder. He wasn't sure how to bring it to life, so he contacted S4G.

He says "I wanted to do something special for my Dean on his Birthday. I made a promise to myself that I wanted to have a custom design jacket made for him something that truly exhibits his character as a man of God. I chose David from the Bible because my Dean truly exemplifies his heart. He has true faith and a great love for God in every sense of the word. My Dean is humble and has a courageous heart to fight through all of life's hardships. Spiritually I learned from him when you're fighting your toughest battle that is when you have to trust God the most. Alpha Nu Omega Christian Fraternity, Inc's mascot is an eagle it comes from Isaiah 40:31. As Eagle Brothers we trust God to help us soar to greater heights in our walk with God. The Bible was chosen because it is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path."

The Design

Maurice knew what he wanted, but needed our artists to bring his vision to life. He included a description like this with his order form and a few supporting images:

"I wanted a Black African American version of David.
Also David on top of the Bible and open one and have a light coming out of it.
I wanted David in the Bible as a teen I figured he was younger when he went to battle.
I wanted David to have an Eagle close to his shoulders because the Frat is called Eagle Brothers.
I wanted him to be to be swing a slingshot like a helicopter.
Colors of the clothes for David Alpha Nu Omega Navy Blue and Gold."

We took Maurice's description and went to work.


The Delivery

The resulting design on the back of his custom line jacket is truly a work of art. His line jacket was like a canvas for our artistry. The jacket gets much love on Instagram, and it turns heads whenever Maurice's dean wears it in the real world.

We asked Maurice whe he chose S4G to make his line jacket. He says "I chose S4G because they truly have their customer’s best interest at heart. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and work to continue to exceed customers’ expectations. You don’t find that with many companies that’s why S4G continues to succeed as a company. The level of creativity of the company is phenomenal."

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