Spotlight Story - Alpha Phi Alpha Akhenaton

Posted by Tisean on 12/16/2013 to Spotlight Story Archives


The Dream

We love when we come across highly creative customers who know what they want.   Working with our new friend, Justin was challenging and fun.  He and his LB ordered their crossing jackets knowing exactly how they wanted them to turn out.  They did research and found that they'd put their Greek gear in the hands of our staff here at S4G.  (Good idea guys!)   Justin told us that, "The theme of my jacket was taken from my line name Akhenaton the main picture came from an ancient Egyptian artwork depicting Akhenaton and his family. With this artwork in mind I designed the rest of my jacket based solely on keeping the Egyptian style in mind.  On the shoulder the double headed lion represents the past and the future of my Alpha Journey throughout my process to become a charter member of my chapter. Together my LB's jacket and mine tell the history of our chapter; separately they tell the story of our journey to become Alphamen.

The Design

sleeve and backWe have to give credit where it is due, this is one of the most creative jackets we've made in a while.  Justin's LB had the idea of embroidering the word PHARAOH on the collar of their jackets in hieroglyphics.  You've got to admit, that's pretty clever!  Justin told us he, "chose S4G due to their quality of custom designs.  I simply have not found any other company that can match the quality of S4G jackets.  I searched for days comparing similar products and without a doubt S4G was the best."  We're just glad he found us.

The Delivery

COLDEST - QUOTEOur friend Justin was so excited about his jacket, he decided to add rush production to ensure that he got his custom Greek jacket within 2 weeks of his approval. He made the payment and we delivered. We're sure all the compliments he received assured him that it was well worth it.  Justin told us when people saw his jacket for the first time they were caught off-guard. They said things like, "Looks like you spent a lot of money but its sexy!"  "This is the coldest jacket I've seen in a long time!" and "I got to get me one!"  That's what we like to hear! A few people even admitted that his new piece of Greek gear made them jealous. Hey, there's no need to be jealous... you too can have a one-of-a-kind Greek jacket from us.  Click here to start your very own masterpiece. It could one day be a Spotlight Story.