Spotlight Story - Alpha Phi Alpha Blackjack

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 4/12/2013 to Spotlight Story Archives

The Dream

We at S4G pride ourselves in being different from other Greek clothing websites.  More often than not, other sites have limited designs and we give our clients full creative control over how their Greek gear should look.  Its clear that our friend, Andrae did his research before making his purchase.  He checked out other jackets we've done in the past and knew exactly what we are capable of.  He pushed our designers and our embroiderers to their limits but we were up to the challenge and came up with another hot jacket.  We wanted to find out what Andrae thought about his new Greek jacket. 

The Design 

blackjack back

When we asked him how he came up with his design, Andrae told us that he, "knew I wanted something that would standout and that nobody else had. Our line was Casino Royale so I knew I needed a casino theme but tossed around a few ideas before reaching the one now.  Also, my lbs called me the LiVe Phive."  He continues by telling us that, "the live phive has to be on this jacket!  That's where the image of me came from. Lastly my linename is Blackjack and everyone knows NOBOBY beats Blackjack so I thought, what better way to put all that than to put me showing Blackjack with a poker table like I'm all in Alpha Phi Alpha!!"  Indeed, Andrae did go "all in" with this custom Greek jacket, don't you agree?

 Of course by now none of you would go anywhere else for your custom Greek gear but we wanted to know what made Andrae choose us for his jacket.  He told us that he, "could not imagine it would come out as nice as it has. I saw other jackets from the [previous] jacket of year contest.  I would go to the site almost everyday looking at the jackets, like dang S4G is a beast with designs! I have to get mine here but I had a problem I didnt have the money for a while but I kept saying I have to get my jacket from them because I need the best to rep the BEST frat!  So I saved and saved and it was well worth the money."  

The Delivery 

blackjack detailWe often wish we could be around to witness the reactions when people open their Greek gear for the first time.  Unfortunately, we can only witness this when people come pick up their orders from our retail Greek clothing store, Zeus' Closet in Atlanta.  In other cases, such as Andrae and everyone else from all over the country we have to settle for hearing about their initial excitement and the reactions to their gear.  When we asked Andrae what other people thought about his jacket, he let us know that, "the reactions to my jacket were crazy!  Everyone liked it, I posted it on facebook, and instantly people were commenting, asking where I got it from, telling me how hot it was, saying how crazy the design was.  I even had some ask could they wear it!"  He quickly told them, "Noooo Way! haha. But I thank you guys for exceeding my expectations and making one hot jacket."  If you see Andrae out and about rocking his new jacket, look but don't touch, and it wouldn't be a good idea to ask him if you can wear it.  Click here to order your very own custom Greek jacket.