Spotlight Story - Alpha Phi Alpha "Phast Phorward"

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 8/1/2014 to Current Spotlight Stories
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The Dream

Being initiated into a fraternity by yourself, versus having line brothers to depend on, creates a unique experience. Jerald wanted a line jacket that portrayed his unique experience to the fullest. He came to our Atlanta Greek store, Zeus' Closet, with just a sketch in hand and an idea in his mind.

He says, "Unlike most Greeks, I am a solo initiate. Therefore, I was granted the freedom of creativity when it came down to designing my jacket without debating with LB's. I knew from the start, it would take much more than a book of stock images to create my story. My design started with a quote from poet, Rudyard Kipling: "He Travels The Fastest, Who Travels Alone." from the poem entitled "The Winners". This quote spoke volumes to me (Hence, my line name 'PHast PHorward'). My ship name "S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S." played a role in the classical Greek design: A Laurel wreath, Two Torches, and Two Columns adorned by a banner that reads "SOLA FIDE", which translates to "By Faith Alone" in Latin. Each component, including the number Two, plays a huge role in my journey into Alpha."

The Design

Jerald continues, "For a more innovative feel, I chose to get my crossing time added to the jacket, as a clock face, on my wrist instead of the front pockets. Other aspects of my jacket, includes a quote from Greek Philosopher, Aristotle: "Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god." For obvious reasons it was more than appropriate."

We asked Jerald why he chose stuff4GREEKS to make his line jacket. He replied, "First and foremost, I believe in quality. I knew that my design would require extreme attention to detail, time, and the hand of professionals. S4G did that and more. I have several prophytes and fellow Greeks who have had their jackets and other apparel created through S4G, so it was only right that I followed suit. There was no need to look any further."


The Delivery

Obviously, we love Jerald's jacket because we created it, but we're always curious as to what kind of responses our customers get from other people. Jerald says, "When I showed my chapter and close friends my proof, they were impressed. But when I showed up on the yard with my custom jacket, the same day I picked it up, the reactions were priceless. I received raves from members of different orgs, non-greeks, complete strangers, pretty much everyone I came in contact with that day. I honestly feel as though I have one the greatest, if not THE greatest, jacket in my chapter's lineage. Sorry, Neos. I won't be passing this jacket down. I definitely can't take all of the credit. S4G made it possible!"

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