Spotlight Story - How We "Clarify"ed the Choice for Shanta

Posted by S4G on 2/3/2014 to Current Spotlight Stories
Spotlight Story - How We
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The Dream

If your organization is very restrictive with it's licensing, but you still want a unique jacket design from S4G, you can always send in your own jacket for us to customize it for you. Most people got a basic jacket as a gift when they crossed, or picked one up at a convention. Just send it to us, or bring it to our Atlanta store and we'll hook it up for you.

We asked Shanta how she came up with the idea for her jacket back design. Here's her story...

"When I got on line, it was 2013, centennial year. So I already knew it was going to be hard to learn 100 years of history, but then to find out I had to learn it and pass a test in less than 100 years it took for it to happen, had me scared LOL. I tend to over analyze things and ask a lot of questions. While on line we were in a classroom setting and after every 2-3 pieces of history that was provided, I always had my hand up asking 2-3 questions to make sure I understood LOL. It seemed like forever, trying to learn and retain all of that history. I even had some of my line sisters saying: Why does she always have her hand up? It was ok with me though and I didn't let that bother me or stop me from obtaining my goal of passing this test and being a member of [my sorority]. Test day came and if felt like days before I got my results, when it was only a few hours...I passed! Now I was able to sleep and stop stressing."

The Design

"...the learning and bonding didn't stop there, so neither did my questions. Then the day came to be named. My Big Sister called my name and said: You are 'Clarify'. At first I thought, what is she talking about, but then it quickly hit me...I do ask A LOT of questions! After I crossed, I just knew it would be easy for me to find an image that said 'Clarify' for my line jacket. I spent hours on google and even more searching through S4G's image gallery and nothing. So at that point I said I have to make up something. So many people complained about me having my hand up and asking questions, so I took a negative and turned it into a positive. Me sitting in class, standing out amongst the others, with my hand up saying: Let me make sure I understand you correctly. So what you're saying is... I took my vision and starter design to LoLo Logo Designs, owner Anthony AJ Joiner and his crew took care of me and understood my vision, and the rest is history. "



The Delivery

We then asked Shanta why she chose S4G to bring her line jacket artwork idea to life. She says, "It was a no brainer, I wanted quality work. My Soror showed me a jean jacket she had made there and the craftsmanship was great. She told me it was pricey but worth it. There was no need for me to look anywhere else. I did spend a lot, but I would do it all over again for custom, original work."

What type of reactions does Shanta's jacket get from people? "The first reaction is always a laugh after people read what it said, followed by "I really love your jacket. I've never seen a jacket like that before, so original." Then the next reaction is people pulling out their phones to take down the information of where I got it from and I proudly say Zeus' Closet in Atlanta or

Here's a close-up to show the detail and artistry of Shanta's jacket. We include a Lifetime Guarantee with all of our embroidery work.

Custom Greek Sorority Jacket Design

Watch the video below to see more about this jacket:

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