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Posted by Tisean on 7/14/2014 to Current Spotlight Stories
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konkrete cover
The Dream
With any big purchase you have to do your research.  You want to know the pros and cons of choosing one brand of car vs another.  The same holds true when deciding where to go for your custom Greek paraphernalia.  In the past we've heard horror stories about people who have ordered from other retail Greek stores and websites.  We aren't saying they're all bad, we're just a little biased because we know our work. 

probateOur friend, and spring 2012 Kappa Alpha Psi initiate, Keith "Konkrete" Dandridge did his research and heard good things about us so he decided to trust us with his customized Kappa coat.   Keith told us, "When we crossed we didn't have the money to get jackets and I knew that if I bought one I wanted it to be done to perfection.  It took over 2 years but the wait was definitely worth it. S4G has unmatched quality, the designer's are easy to work with, and they definitely delivered when I placed my order.  Check out what other customers had to say about their experiences with us here.

The Design
konkreteWe asked Keith to explain the concept behind his Greek line jacket and he told us, "I wanted my jacket to represent my line's process, pay homage to my 2 line brothers because I would not be in the bond without them, and additionally recognize my chapter, Theta Psi."   We think he did an excellent job of doing just that.  Not only does his custom artwork show the Nupe with his line brothers, he also added personalized bricks at the bottom with each of their line numbers and initials.   He knew that no stock image would achieve what he was trying to display.   He told us, "The image I supplied to S4G to digitize represents a pivotal moment in our probate where we spit the poem, Invictus.  That image captures the raw emotion of that moment in our probate where we literally moved the crowd....that's exactly what I wanted represented on my jacket."

The Delivery
konkrete front n backWe always want to know how people react to our work.  Keith let us know that, "Technically I haven't worn my jacket out in public yet because it's the summer time and the jacket is lined. I'll wait until it cools down in the fall probably."  We definitely admire Keith's patience.  We often have people come pick up their orders from our retail Greek store, Zeus' Closet and they get so excited that they'll wear their jackets right out of the store no matter how hot it is!

Keith admitted that he has shown off his jacket to a few of his frat brothers, "and the reactions are priceless! Some are straight jealous and admit that it's one of the most unique jackets that has ever been made. I can't wait to wear it to Greek events in the future!"   Keith says his LBs are planning on ordering the same jacket in the near future.  Click here to start your very own Spotlight Story.

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