Spotlight Story - Looney Tunes

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 3/5/2013 to Spotlight Story Archives

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The Dream
Robin ordered two Greek jackets with a strict deadline in mind.  She knew how she wanted her jackets to look and she knew that she needed them soon!  She came to the right place at the right time, paid her rush fees and got both custom pieces of Greek gear sooner than we promised to deliver them.  We don't play games, we aim to exceed expectations here in the "Dream Factory."

The Design
gss looney tunesApparently Robin and her sorority sisters of the Eta Zeta chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma must have heard good things about us from our other clients at Spelman College and the other schools in the AUC.  They wasted no time placing their rush orders with us.  In return, we wasted no time digitizing their corresponding Looney Tunes and completing their jackets once we received an approval.  We have to admit, the Gamma Sigs made it easy on us.  They came to us equipped with exact images of how they wanted their jackets.  Digitizing was a breeze and we think the embroidery on these two Greek jackets is flawless, what do you think?  

"Bugs Bunny" and "Speedy Gonzales" are just two of the five initiates that crossed in Spring 2012 at Spelman.  They tried to get the other 3 "Looney Tunes" to place their orders at the same time to be considered as a group order but they just weren't ready.  It's okay, it is never too late for some new custom Greek apparel.

The Delivery
 We mentioned earlier that Robin and her line sister are members of the Eta Zeta chapter  which is located not far from our retail Greek clothing store, Zeus' Closet.  It would have been awesome to see their faces when they picked the jackets up.  Instead, the ladies opted to have them delivered to their address for free using a promo-code that was active at the time.   One way to ensure that you are always up to date on all promotional codes is to join our VIP email list.  Also, the best way to begin your own Spotlight Story is order your custom Greek apparel from us.