Spotlight Story - Mz. Wize

Posted by Tisean on 7/25/2013 to Spotlight Story Archives

Mz. WizeWe all find out what our passions are at different times in our lives.  We as a company found that our thing is custom Greek apparel over a decade ago.  Fortunately for us, there are more people passionate about wearing our custom Greek gear that we are able to reach out to and work with every day.  We are going to share the story of our new friend, Christina, who is just in love with her new Greek jacket she just received from us.

We have been diligently working on making our turnaround time shorter.  Apparently we are doing a good job because Christina started by saying, “I thank you for making the jacket so quickly!” She continued, “It looks just like I had in my head!”  That’s always the goal.  We strive to make your dreams into realities with our custom embroidered goods. 

When the question was asked, Christina had a lot to say about her custom Greek jacket.  She told us, “I wanted to my jacket to tell a story about my organization and myself. I am a single parent & I went back to school later in life.  Initially, I was never been interested in Greek Life. I became interested by chance. I have always had a desire to help the community. I later joined this wonderful and historic organization. In college I found myself, and my passion.”  She is getting her Bachelors of Arts in History and Psychology with a Minor in African Studies. She explained that she would later purse her passion for life by getting a Master's and eventually a PhD in Africana Studies. 

wizeChristina then began to break down the elements of her Greek jacket.  “My jacket tells my story and the story of my organization. It has our flower under the chapter, representing an on going connection from the individual chapter to the organization as a whole. Under my crossing date, a picture of five pearls representing my Five Founders, also known as The Five Pearls. This represents my start in the organization as well as their Founding of it. Their legacy continues through me.”   She describes the back, “On the back, my line name and info. The African Continent represents the start of the journey for African American People. I am an advocate for issues within the African American community. The Afro-Lady Icon represents our journey her in America. The whole jacket represents the continued work that needs to be done for the betterment of the people, and the reason I joined Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. I want to help as many people as possible!” 

When asked, Christina told us she,“chose S4G for a few reasons. I have seen first hand other work that they have done on Greek jackets. It is quality work, doesn't look cheap, and looks like it would last. Basically, good quality all the way around. Second, the price was reasonable. As a college student, I don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a jacket. Last, when I put in the requests and waited to see the proofs, it was just how I envisioned in my head! 

We asked Christina about how the people react to her jacket.  She told us, “Everyone says how nice it is. The jacket is very much ‘me’ and that is the best part!”  Click here so we can begin making some Greek gear that is just for ‘you.’