Spotlight Story - Omega Delta Phi "Battle Born Knights" Line Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 2/9/2014 to Current Spotlight Stories
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The Dream

Juan wanted a line jacket design that truly embodied his fraternity, and he was inspired by S4G's work. He says, "After researching and looking at past works, my options broadened. I felt no limit, and I wanted to create something truly unique and special. I stumbled on the charging knight image in my search, which was perfect for the jacket I wanted. I also borrowed some ideas from some of my fraters’ jackets. My ultimate goal was to create a statement. I wanted my jacket to stand out and embody my personality and my dedication to Omega Delta Phi, Fraternity Inc."

The Design

Juan continues, "Before going to Stuff4Greeks I shopped around several sites, and some local shops. However, no one really offered the quality I was looking for. The staff at S4G has tremendous talent, and their commitment to delivering top quality works made my choice easy."


The Delivery

When we asked what type of reactions Juan's jacket gets, he said "My jacket has truly been a great tool for marketing. It calls people’s attention. My friends talk about the flawlessness of the jacket and we use it for tabling events. It has truly been a great investment."

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