Spotlight Story - Omega Psi Phi "QUErain"

Posted by Tisean on 3/3/2014 to Current Spotlight Stories
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QueRain coverThe Dream
A while back we added a post highlighting famous people who are members of various Fraternities and Sororities. Phylicia Rashad, Cedric The Entertainer and Blair and Cheryl Underwood were among the Greek celebrities we highlighted. Since then we had the honor of creating a custom Greek line jacket for a local celebrity. News channel 11alive's meteorologist Chesley McNeil is a 2012 initiate of the Chi Gamma Gamma chapter of Omega Psi Phi. 

Chesley isn't the only D9 Greek member on the staff at 11alive.  Check him out as he and some of his colleagues  show their fraternal/sororal allegiance in their Greek gear here.

QueRain ArtWe got Chesley to explain the meaning behind their Greek jackets.  He told us, "the idea came from the name of our line. We consider ourselves to be bridge builders. Bridging the gap from the first 100 years of Omega Psi Phi, into the next. Then you throw in that Omega flavor and you have the "9 Questrutors for the Quellennium." There is no mistaking that when you see the large man on the back with a construction hat and overalls, he is ready for work. And that is one of the things our beloved fraternity values most….SERVICE! 

 The Design

Chesley served as the guinea pig for his line when they were looking for jackets.  He told us, "We searched for a company who could pull off the design that we wanted."  He researched other companies and made a trip into our retail Greek clothing store, Zeus' Closet to see what we were capable of.   He continued by saying, "The quality is unmatched, and the details are incredible. S4G makes the best line jackets I have ever seen."  He ordered his jacket first and the rest of his line followed without hesitation after seeing how it turned out. 

The Delivery

querain backWe asked Chesley what people thought about his jacket.  He told us, "The reaction has been great!  I got the design on a tee shirt first, and the compliments were so great, I decided to get a jacket done. Now it stands out even more. Everyone wants to know where I got it from."  We tried to get him to wear the jacket on the air and give us a shout out when he does the weather but he told us that the station would not allow him to do that.  Of course our comeback was a custom Omega blazer for him to report the weather in.  He's still on the fence about that one.  We'll keep you posted about that.  In the mean time check out this video to see which other 11 Alive news anchors are members of Greek organizations.  Click here to order your Greek gear and start your spotlight story today!

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