Spotlight Story - Phi Beta Sigma 4 Elements of Destruction

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 2/7/2013 to Spotlight Story Archives

4 Elements CoverThe Dream
Most of you are aware of the group discount that we offer with our custom Greek apparel. We offer a 10% group discount with quantities of 5-19 as long as the gear is exactly the same with the exception of line names and numbers. The bulk discount increases as the quantities increase. Hosea Carter and the line of new initiates of the Nu Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma were aware of this as well. The thing about them is that each member wanted a very unique piece of artwork for their individual jacket and they were determined to cut no cost to get exactly that.

The Design
We asked the guys how they came up with the designs for their Greek jackets and Hosea told us, “Our line jacket orders always come in late because our line names must coincide with chapter history and make sense.” He continues by saying, “. . once the names are chosen, the art has to match the names. We vote then we get our soror to draw them up then we vote.” Take a look at the drawings, then the digitized artwork, and then the final artwork on the jackets. We definitely had our hands full with this order!

We asked Hosea why they decide to get their Greek jackets made by us. He told us that they already knew that, “S4G takes things to the next level. Quality and style is too important to leave to ANYONE ELSE but S4G.” It is clear that each of the new members have a unique style. We could tell that by the artwork they selected for the back of their jackets. Our artist couldn’t help but to laugh when given the task of creating the Billie 3 Williams piece. They are all conversation pieces but there was just something about that particular jacket that was just fun to make.

The Delivery
 Hosea told us when they wear their custom jackets people are, “Simply in shock and awe! People can’t believe how tight these jackets are.” As they were being embroidered our staff had to just take a step back and look at them. Even we were in awe. Hosea continues by saying, “Here in Ohio we have even spawned a few copy cats but they just can’t match S4G. From this point forward, “NU” chapter will always opt for S4G line jackets. It’s to the point now that S4G jackets are a MUST for our new members!” Hopefully more chapters will think like this and continue to come to us for custom Greek Apparel, we are definitely grateful for the business of Hosea and the NU Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated. Your very own spotlight story starts with you clicking here.