Spotlight Story - Phi Beta Sigma Beetlejuice

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 1/5/2013 to Spotlight Story Archives

BJUICEBACKMost of the time when people come to us to order their custom Greek clothing they are looking for something they cannot find anywhere else. When Domonique placed his order for his Greek varsity jacket and crossing jacket he was no exception. Not only did he get both items at a decent price, we aren’t too sure that any other company could’ve pulled off his detailed custom embroidery request. 


The Design
 When asked, Domonique said he came up with the idea for his artwork by, “searching multiple websites off of Google Images to find the best artwork that fits my character and personality.” Take a look at his custom Greek clothing. They definitely say that he is a unique character! The name is his entire line is the 17 DYZFUNKTIONALZ and his individual line name is BEETLEJUICE. We can only imagine why he was given that name. We also couldn’t help but to wonder what the line names of his 16 LBs are, or more importantly, why their orders for custom Greek gear haven’t been placed yet. Come on, guys. 

 We asked Mr. Beetlejuice why he decided to come to us for his custom Greek apparel and he said, “Because it was easy and affordable to make my dream jacket the way I want it.” We really do appreciate those kind words.

The Delivery
beetlejuice detailPeople are usually in shocked when they see jackets like this on campus and we are sure Domonique expected no less than that reaction when people saw his jacket for the first time. When we got a chance to ask him how people reacted to his custom pieces of Greek clothing he told us, “Most of the reactions i have received was, OH MY GOD who did your jacket?” (This would’ve been the perfect time to hand out one of our business cards directing them to our website). He continues by saying other reactions were, “Your jacket hands down the best I ever seen!” or, “can I try on your jacket?” Our advice to you, Domonique would be to be careful who you let try on your jacket, you might have to chase them to get it back! Our answer would probably be, “No, no my brother. You gotta get your own!” Start your own order right here.