Spotlight Story - Sigma Lambda Beta "Santo"

Posted by Tisean on 1/2/2014 to Current Spotlight Stories
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santo coverdark angelHere at S4G we love giving our customers creative freedom to work with us on the designs of their custom Greek jackets and other gear. Everyone has the option of choosing artwork from our design library or coming up with custom artwork of their very own. Most people find ideas from our extensive product photo gallery which is composed of thousands of pictures of Greek clothing we’ve produced in the past. Some people take things as step further and combine elements from more than one design. Others like our new friend Devion really go hard and find detailed pieces for us to make from scratch. Take a look at the detail not only in his main back image but in the stallions along the bottom of his jacket. Our production department really took their time and did this one right.

Santo DetailWe asked Devion, A.K.A. “Santo” how he came up with the idea and why he decided to come to us for his Greek apparel needs. Devion told us, “I came up with the idea from seeing other jackets represent with a symbol of their line name. I wanted to have my own symbol and I always loved the picture I added to my jacket.” For those who don’t know much Spanish, Santo means “Saint” in Espanol. He continued by telling us he, “chose S4G because you all are dedicated to giving your customers quality work!” We truly are dedicated to doing just that.

We take pride in making our customers happy in every way possible. We are determined to give the absolute best customer experience. We answer our phones, respond to emails within a timely manner and of course we deliver top-of-the-line Greek clothing to our customers. Don’t take our word for it though. Check out what our customers say about us. One of our designers spent hours digitizing Devion’s artwork to make sure every detail is captured and the final product came out great. What do you think?

front n backWe may be jumping the gun on this one, but we feel as though our friend, and member of Sigma Lambda Beta will be a big time contender for the Jacket of the Year contest this year. We hope he loves his jacket as much as we loved working on it. When we asked him what other people thought of his one-of-a-kind Greek jacket he told us that he, “get(s) positive reactions from my fraternity brothers and other Greek members because I doubt they have witnessed an actual Saint being used for a fraternity jacket.” Starting your own spotlight story is as simple as clicking here.   Do it now! Vote here: