Spotlight Story - Smooth Nupe Atl

Posted by Tisean on 6/7/2013 to Spotlight Story Archives

Smooth Nupe

Over the years we have developed special relationships with quite a few individuals.  These relationships have snowballed into special relationships with entire chapters.  It has even gotten to the point where some chapters won't even allow new initiates to purchase Greek clothing from anywhere else.  Some local chapters are so happy with our previous work that they have made it a tradition that their new initiates get their Greek jackets from us.  Most of them order from our retail Greek clothing store in Atlanta, Zeus' Closet.  

SM logoOne of those chapters is the Stone Mountain Alumni chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.  We've been doing making shirts, jerseys and jackets for their new initiates for a couple of years now.  A couple members of this chapter noticed us much sooner.  One of those members is our dear friend Torrence.  He is a member of two organizations and has ordered several pieces of Greek clothing from us over the years.  This story is about his latest piece.  Torrence came into Zeus' Closet knowing exactly what he wanted since he already had experience working with us.  He brought exact images that needed to be digitized, we knocked them out, made a few changes and within 30 business days of him approving, his Greek Fraternity jacket was complete!

Torrence - backNow before we go into detail about his jacket we must let you know that Torrence is a big man in the city of Atlanta.  Anybody who's anybody knows who he is around here.  He's always at the big events that go down in the A-Town so unfortunately he wasn't available to answer questions about his jacket.  We feel like we know him well enough to speak on his behalf about his jacket.  It is very fitting that he decided on the custom images he decided on for this particular jacket.  There are several things you must do, and places you must go when you visit this great city.  He has Phillips Arena along with many other places in the background of a large Smooth Nupe representing him in front of a crowd of people.  We tried to get him to add a picture of our retail clothing store in the background since that is a must visit spot, but it just wouldn't fit.  Maybe we can work it out next time. 

The look on his face when he came to pick up his Greek clothing was pure amazement.  We weren't able to see other peoples' reaction to his jacket but his initial shock was enough for us!  We did learn that his design might eventually be the official jacket design for his entire chapter in the near future.  Whether you are looking for an individual piece of Greek gear for yourself, your line, or your entire chapter you can start by clicking here.