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Posted by Tisean on 5/2/2014 to Current Spotlight Stories
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After being in the custom Greek clothing game for over a decade we have noticed that there is no shortage of creative people in the world.  We seem to be surprised more and more as the years go by.  We have reason to believe that our customers and friend are the most creative people on the planet.  We believe that because of people like our new friend and member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Perry Brown.  Perry had a great idea for his custom Greek baseball jacket and he trusted us to create this masterpiece for him.

founders frontWe asked Perry what inspired him to get his founders on this jacket.  He told us,  "I came up with the idea by researching different types of pictures that I can possibly put on this jacket. I already have a Line Jacket that has our Coat of Arms and I wanted to be different. Then, an idea occurred to me about putting my Founders on this jacket since I have never seen anyone do that for their organization. Therefore, I researched a picture of our Founders and decided to roll with the idea!"  We think that was an awesome idea!  The jacket didn't turn out half bad either.  

jacket backWe asked Perry why he decided to roll with S4G to make this jacket.  He let us know that, "I chose S4G because you all do a great job with the designs and overall process! You all did my line jacket back in 2011 and I love it! My fraternity brothers across the nation love both jackets!!" 

We were wondering what kind of reactions Perry got from others when you wears his jacket.  He told us that, "Everyone loves my jackets and (they) ask me where I got my jacket done at! Their mouths drop to the ground!"  He continued by saying, "some of my fraternity brothers want me to help design their jacket via S4G!"  We definitely look forward to working with you and your frat brothers Perry!  

founders back

Our friend Perry also added that, "It's great to know that there is a company that has great passion for its work and the customers are highly excited about their products!"  We are glad to know that we are appreciated!  Click here to see what other customers are saying about us.  Join our vip email list and order your custom Greek jacket here today!

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