"The beautiful detail and art work is breathtaking..."

Posted by Kya Webb on 7/1/2013 to Customer Comments
"Hello there,

My name is Kya Webb and your team just recently sent me my crossing jacket. It was sent a few weeks ago and I haven't gotten around to letting you guys know that i received it. I would just like to say, thank you so much!!!! My jacket is absolutely amazing, and everyone thinks it's beautiful. The beautiful detail and art work is breathtaking and i couldn't be more proud of it!!! My line sister just received hers and we are waiting for our other sister to receive hers! We love how the jacket does a wonderful job of telling our story. Thank you so much once again!! I'll be getting things from your website again and referring people here as well!!! Thanks again :) i can't tell you guys how appreciative I am! :)

Kya Webb

Products mentioned: Line Jackets/Crossing Jackets

Kya loves the detailed artwork on her Alpha Kappa Alpha line jacket.