Posted by Tisean on 7/13/2013 to News

tiki - dogIf you've been keeping up with our moves over the years, you've noticed that we try to stay on top of what's hot in the Greek world.  We feel it is our responsibility to provide you with top-of-the-line Greek gear that you need.  We started off only offering jackets and shirts.  Now, over 10 years later, we offer over 50 of the hottest items to make sure you can represent your fraternity or sorority in any setting.  Whether you're walking to class, a boardroom meeting or cruising in your car we want the world to know you take pride in your organization.  Today, we're going to talk about the origin of one of those additions to our catalog, tikis.  In a recent meeting with one of our business partners, we were told the story behind the origin of the tiki.  You?ll never believe where the name came from!

wooden tikiWhen we first introduced them, they were all basic, just like pretty-much all other Greek accessories.  You could only get your fraternity or sorority letters.  They were made out of wood, painted in your colors, finished with high-quality gloss and connected with beads and a nylon string.  Now, our tikis have become just as customizable as the rest of the Greek gear in our catalog!   Now we offer different designs, numbers, and even different size tikis for all of your needs.  Now get this, the origin of the name, 'tiki' came from our business partners' dog! We couldn't make this up.  The manufacturer that makes all of our wood products has a dog, called Tiki, after which they named, and patented their most popular product.  

A lot of you probably doubt us.  You're probably thinking, "no, I have friends that have been making tikis for years."  You are right, people have been making wood work and other similar pieces and calling them tikis for a while.  Our manufacturer did their research upon applying for their patent.  They saw that there was no product on the market like this back in the day and thus, introduced the tiki to the world, named after their favorite 4-legged friend. We are privileged to be one of the only stores where you can get real authentic tikis.   

outlawAs mentioned earlier, there are several other places you can find Greek wood work.  Since we don't have other tikis to compare to, click here to order your very own authentic tiki today!